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Shenyang Shenjia Technology Development Co., Ltd.


Shenyang Shenjia Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer engaged in cement additives and concrete admixtures. The address is located in Shenyang and Faku. The superior geographical location can provide customers with fast and efficient services. The company's main products are concrete thickening regulator, clear water concrete water reducing agent, concrete repairing agent, liquid concrete antifreeze, concrete preservative, viscosity reducing agent, high-strength product admixture, wet-mix mortar admixture, slow-release agent, Water repellent, etc.


Since the establishment of our factory, all members of our factory have made concerted efforts to forge ahead and start a business. We have registered the trademark "Shenjia" brand admixture products. Products, the production of polycarboxylate water reducing series, pumping series, waterproof series, special cement products and concrete admixture series products, have achieved good results in the commercial concrete industry, high-strength cement product industry, special concrete product industry and military industry. reputation and economic effects.

At the same time, it provides new building materials for the needs of different industries such as military roads and facilities, coal mine water penetration, subway, tunnel water penetration, nuclear power plant concrete foundation, marine engineering, oilfield operation platforms, thin shell structures, etc., all of which are technologically advanced products in the same industry.

With great enthusiasm, the factory pursues high-quality products to meet the needs of users at different levels. Adhere to customer requirements as the goal, continue to work hard towards the market, and serve customers wholeheartedly is our eternal pursuit.


Shenyang Shenjia Technology Development Co., Ltd

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